A photo of Singer, K Davis, performing Live on Stage.
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“The Best Voice You Never Heard” 

XXL Magazine


This R&B/Soul and Pop singer has co-produced with multiple Grammy award winning producer Edwin Tony Nicholas. She has shared the stage with legendary musicians such as Lead Guitarist Willie Ross and have performed on famous stages in NYC, NY, Atlanta, GA, Cleveland, OH, and many others. At the infancy of her career, she both Headlined and Sold Out Live Band Concert shows! After Rocking the crowds with her spirited flair, she released her debut single titled 'He Is' online via a Music Video on YouTube Channel "K Davis Live". That music video depicts the very fiber on which she thrives, the reason why she sings, and highlights the spark that reignited this creative journey. In May of 2017, in Hollywood Hills, CA, she Executive Produced & completed her very first Album titled " L A V I S H ". This new E.P album dropped February of 2018 and was available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, TIDAL, Pandora, Amazon MP3, Spotify, DEEZER, and is now available to listen to on www.KDavisLive.com. Continue to follow her Journey to the Billboards, via Social Media. SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube channel "K Davis Live" and be sure to LIKE her Artist Facebook Page "@KDavisMusic"! You can receive special updates by entering your email at the bottom of the www.KDavisLive.com website page. 

A photo of Singer, K Davis, performing Live on Stage.





A photo capturing an emotional facial expression by Singer, K Davis, during her Live Performance.
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A photo of a Digital Flyer for the K Davis Live R&B SOUL Live Show on Friday, September 30, 2022.


Friday, September 30, 2022

JAZZ' N - 2234 E. 55th Street

Cleveland, OH

Doors Open at 7:30pm
   Show Starts at 8pm

Tickets for this Event can No Longer Be Purchased Online. Please call 844-553-2847

A Photo of Singer, K Davis, Performing Live on Stage in New York.
             K. Davis Management                            Executive Assistant

                 844-553-2847                                                      844-553-2847 Ext. 457

                      844-5-KDAVIS                                                      TheTeam@KDavisLive.com


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